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Colophon and Credits

The work of this organization is made possible by our exceptional volunteers, our wonderful Board of Directors, and fiscal sponsorship of the Sierra Nevada Alliance.

We are incredibly thankful for the donation of the following commercial software: Salesforce licenses by the Salesforce Foundation the excellent Balsamiq Mockups, and the powerful Aloha Editor by Gentics. Thank you to each of those companies for their generous support that helps us fulfil our mission.

Site design and programming by Nick Santos, with logo design generously donated by Maria Iu.

On the technical side, this site uses (mostly) standards-compliant HTML 4.01, CSS 2 and 3, and heavy doses of JavaScript for the applications. Cross-browser JavaScript made infinitely easier by jQuery.

Commercial software, free software, and freeware (as in freedom and as in beer) that made this site possible: Apache, MySQL, Debian Linux hosted by Dreamhost (which buys carbon offsets - it's a start), Python 2.7, Django, Strawberry Perl, Wordpress on our blog, Google Apps and Analytics, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, with occasional use of the excellent GIMP, Scribus and Inkscape, Firefox, Chrome, FireFTP and Firebug (and a slew of other extensions), Spoon for cross-browser testing, Winamp for keeping the music playing, Notepad++ for coding, and Dropbox for keeping everything together.

Free typefaces, icons, and design materials used throughout this site include: Hattori-Hanzo, Expressway, Milky Icon Set, The Noun Project, Silk Icons by FamFamFam, Map Icons by Nicolas Mollet, and base recycling logos from RecycleLogos.org. Some social icons used on this site courtesy of Komodo Media

Hacks and plugins used on this site IE PNG Fix, jQuery Autocomplete, ThickBox, jQuery Hotkeys, jQuery Text Area Resizer, Supersleight, ZeroClipboard, Mail::Send, PDF::Create, and numerous other perl modules like CGI and DBI.

Reference materials used on this site include everything written by Nolo Books on nonprofit administration, High Performance Web Sites and Even Faster Websites, Safari Books Online, jQuery Fundamentals, Learning Perl Objects, References, & Modules, Smashing Magazine and their wonderful newsletter, and all the people who contribute programing knowledge on the Internet.

This site also wouldn't have been possible without coffee shops, including Peregrine Espresso, Tupelo, Blue Angel Cafe, Tahoe Java, and Keys Cafe, Mishka's Cafe, Broad Street Bistro, and the delicious coffees, teas, and food they provide.

Specific Citations

Some items on this site were originally created for third party and are appropriately licensed for use on this site.