About This Tool


Conveying your concerns shouldn't be difficult

This tool is born out of the desire for strong communication between consumers and producers. Though the act of not buying a product can, in and of itself, be a strong statement to manufacturers, their ability to make adjustments to their practices can be limited by insufficient understanding of why we make the choices we do.

Consumers frequently do not have the time or desire to sit down and write a letter to every manufacturer they've decided not to purchase products from. This tool aims to enable consumers to make this communcation occur with ease. Ideally, a letter can be sent to a manufacturer within a minute of your landing on this page. If it takes you longer than that, or if we are missing companies you would like to easily communicate with, please leave us feedback and tell us what you want to see changed or added. We are always working to streamline this tool to make it faster for you to communicate your concerns.