Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Our Rights

  1. We retain the right to transmit the letter you submit on your behalf in the form of your choosing to the intended company, or, if necessary, via another mode of communication. However, we must represent your communication faithfully.
  2. We retain the right to publish, show, transmit, or otherwise use your letter at any time, so long as direct personally identifying information has been removed. Generally, this will be constrained to a soon to be released gallery of letters, which you will be able to opt into at the time of submission
  3. We retain the right to store your letters along with key information submitted with it, with the exception of any information we indicate will not be stored either in your rights below or on the pages themselves

Your Rights

  1. Your letter will be represented faithfully.
  2. The letter you submit will be the focus of any communication we send to companies on your behalf.
  3. The information you submit remains yours. No personal information will be stored by us except your name, your letter, and the ip address of the computer you submit your letter from (only to protect against spam - this will never be given to companies)
  4. You have the right to contact us with concerns should you feel your rights are not being upheld. Contact with your concerns.